I had the great pleasure and privilege to hear Mr. Rod Pedersen speak to Reserve Officers at a Mess Dinner at HMCS QUEEN this past year.

Rod speaks with passion, integrity and great honesty about the joys, trials and travails of his own life and the journey to Recovery that he continues daily.  The honesty with which he described where his life and priorities were at personally and professionally before confronting his demons, just added extra weight to message.

It is not an easy thing to stand in front of people and show them the shadowy side of your life; but Rod is able to shine a light into the darkness and put forward a positive message of hopefulness.

We are not alone on this journey of life, and there are people there to help especially when we are at our most vulnerable, and feeling most alone.  I would highly recommend Rod to anyone who is looking for an engaging, informative and transformative speaker.

Lieutenant Commander James J. Balfour, CD
Senior Chaplain Royal Canadian Naval Reserve
Padre – HMCS QUEEN Regina