Rod Pedersen is a Best Selling Author and celebrated broadcaster, but few know that on January 27, 2015, Rod was the target of an Intervention. His lifelong struggles with Alcoholism and Mental Illness had finally caught up with him and he was presented two choices:

1) Accept the help offered in Recovery and turn his life around
2) Lose everything.

In the time since, Rod has indeed recovered from Addictions and also realized his Mental Illness battle will be a lifelong fight.

Although going public with his deep personal struggles wasn’t his preference, the Recovery community strongly urged Rod to come forward and spread the message of Hope, Recovery and Strength to as many people as possible.

He has two personal messages he’ll deliver to your group:
1) It’s Never Too Late
2) Don’t Give Up On Yourself.

Rod’s story has been described as “compelling” and he’s being recognized as a Recovery Leader across North America for his effort of putting a face and voice on Recovery, and shedding his fears.

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