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“Right Place, Right Time” Tour

Rod Pedersen, a person in recovery, is sharing his message about recovery from addictions and mental illness  with people throughout  Saskatchewan

Rod is a small town (Milestone, SK) farm kid who has achieved National Best Seller status as an author,  has had an award-winning broadcast career in pro sports for a generation and connects with the audience he speaks to.

1 in 11 people in society are at risk of Addictions and 1 in 5 people are poised to battle Mental Illness in their lifetime, Rod Pedersen’s  presentation is sure to resonate with most everyone in the room

The concept of the Pedersen Recovery “Right Place, Right Time” Tour is to invite groups, teams, schools, companies, churches and organizations to have Rod Pedersen come and deliver his message of Hope, Recovery and Strength.

We are proud to say that Rod is making a huge impact in this field by demonstrating that there is no shame in being in Recovery nor in battling Mental Illness. Anyone can come out on top with the proper tools and resources.