Mr. Rod Pedersen was a recent guest of our Grade 9 class at Campbell Collegiate in Regina and he brought an eye-opening, hard-hitting presentation which was exactly what our kids needed to hear.

Due to circumstances in Rod’s personal life, he has been able to openly share an addiction that he has ‘put in the rear view mirror’ and was willing to go into some detail with personal anecdotes and examples of what occurred and the potential for what could have been a dark path.  He also mentioned that he is now working on a recovery program to help others. Students were very receptive to this discussion and are able to realize that this disease can happen to anyone.

This experience made my students better people, for the simple fact that the presentation was not something they expected.  They listened attentively and were very mature.  Rod didn’t bore them for an hour.  Rather, he spoke for about ten minutes on the issue, gave them some background information and then left the students with a strong message of hope and the importance of positive decision-making.  As a teacher, I would absolutely invite Rod back into my classroom on a yearly basis and recommend him highly to other people and organizations.

Sincerely yours,
Aaron Anderson
Teacher – Campbell Collegiate
Regina, Sk